Being the best athlete is a lifestyle requiring nutrition 24-hours a day. Your needs go beyond the performance nutrition industry standard for pre-, during- and post-exercise. From the time an athlete wakes up, prepares for the day, trains, performs and recovers, Herbalife24 delivers unrivaled 24-hour nutritional support.

Many variables affect your training and performance. With Herbalife 24, nutrition is one aspect in your performance preparation your can trust, giving you the confidence it takes to be a 24-Hour Athlete.™

There will always be someone better, faster, stronger. Be that someone.

Proven Science

Herbalife 24 research is based on the latest proven science and formulated by Herbalife scientists, some of whom are elite athletes in their own right and experts in nutrition. We know that being an athlete is a lifestyle, and understand the needs of a 24-hour athlete.

As science evolves, so will Herbalife 24. We are committed to delivering dynamic solutions with comprehensive 24-hour nutritional support for athletes.

Herbalife 24 sports drinks and supplement serve a nutritional purpose and contain all-natural colours, flavors and sweeteners. And since this 24-hour performance nutrition line was developed with the professional athlete in mind, every product is third-party tested for banned substances.

Advisory Board

World-Renowned Experts Comprise Herbalife Panel

Luigi Gratton, M.D., M.P.H.
Vice President, Nutrition Education, Herbalife
Former UCLA* track and field athlete. Former UCLA* cross-country team runner. Former athletic trainer.

David Heber, M.D., Ph.D., F.A.C.P., F.A.C.N.
Chairman, Herbalife Nutrition Institute
Chairman, Nutrition Advisory Board
Director, Center for Human Nutrition UCLA*
Leading expert in nutrition science. Included in 2000 listing of The Best Doctors in America.

John Heiss, Ph.D.
Director, Sports and Fitness, Worldwide Product Marketing, Herbalife
Current Category II cyclist.

Steve Henig, Ph.D.
Chief Scientific Officer, Herbalife
More than 30 years in food science innovation.

Lou Ignarro, Ph.D.
Nobel† Laureate in Medicine
Nutrition Advisory Board Member
Regular participant in marathons, triathlons and endurance cycling.

* Titles are for identification purposes only. The University of California does not endorse specific products or services as a matter of policy.

† The Nobel Foundation has no affiliation with Herbalife and does not review, approve or endorse Herbalife® products.

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