Cycling Endurance

The Origin of Herbalife 24 – Cycling Endurance Meet

It all began at the top of Piuma Road on the spine of the Central Santa Monica Mountains.

Perched just above Malibu, California, Piuma Road is a twisty, steep seven-mile climb renowned among the Southern California endurance community. Among thousands from around the world who train on this road, Herbalife’s Chairman and CEO Michael O. Johnson, an avid cyclist, happened to meet two unique athletes after completion of the 2009 Piuma Hill Climb Challenge.

One was a biochemist-turned-entrepreneur, the other his marketing business partner. Frustrated by the available products within the performance nutrition market, they developed an innovative endurance drink that set off a groundswell of demand from local diehard endurance athletes.

From the moment Michael sampled the drink, an idea sprang into motion to develop a performance nutrition line to meet the specific needs of Herbalife sponsored teams and athletes, and extend that to a broader audience to achieve Herbalife’s goal of promoting healthy, active lifestyles.

It was a small chance they met. And together at Herbalife, turned it into something really big. Herbalife 24.

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